SUV, tanker collide during police pursuit

State police released cruiser video Wednesday showing a December incident in which a Naugatuck man fleeing authorities collided with a fuel tanker truck, causing a large fire and power outages in the area.

Uploaded by hhudson March 15, 2012
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Half the videos have this flex commercial. These videos are not worth watching unless something changes.
GPD2 March 25, 2012 Report Abuse
It is a big excessive. 30 second ad spot for what are typically 30s - 1m videos.
i64X March 21, 2012 Report Abuse
Anyone else getting annoyed with the axon advertisement in fron of EVERY video? I know I sure am. Maybe if BT did what youtube does occasionally and give you an advertisiment with the option to skip the video I could continue using this site, but until then I think i'll stick with others.
funnnnn March 21, 2012 Report Abuse

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