Klamath Falls Police school kid on open carry

Klamath Falls (Ore.) Officer Mike Nork does an excellent job during an encounter with an open carry citizen.

Uploaded by P1Blue December 20, 2012
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What I like is that you can tell he trained for this exact encounter. He knew the rules, didn't get upset or irrational that someone was exercising their rights and made it clear he supported the 2nd amendment as well. If only I can have the wisdom of words and professional demeanor when some nut job wants to make me a U-Tube star!
cast4837 December 24, 2013 Report Abuse
Very professional! This should be a training video for ALL law enforcement on proper procedures when encountering an armed citizen. I sure wish we had a Reserves Program and those classes at our local Police Department.
8541usmc April 10, 2013 Report Abuse
The kid is an idiot. Good job officer.
jsmith3325 February 15, 2013 Report Abuse
Excellent work!
bull74dogs February 09, 2013 Report Abuse
That police officer was extremely professional and knowledgable. Very intelligent.
K9Kodi January 15, 2013 Report Abuse

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