Civilian asks police: why the death penalty for cop killers?

A man who overheard a conversation between two officers discussing the death penalty chimed into their conversation to try to understand why the 'hot button issue' of the the death penalty should be required for cop killers but not for killers of civilians.

Uploaded by P1Blue January 08, 2013
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The reason why cops think that way is because they have been indoctrinated to think they are special. They are a law unto themselves in reality. If a cop decides to beat you for some perceived reason 'they' decide, then they can usually justify it. If you even lift a finger against them, then you are subject to a severe beating and will be charged with assault.
Vinspann August 31, 2013 Report Abuse
I am the person who posted the video on YouTube to begin with. My name is Mike. I was a Navy Combat Corpsman (battlefield medic) stationed with US Marine Corps Battalion 3/1, at Camp Pendleton, Ca. I was a nurse for ten years, in floating in between the Burn Unit, ER, ICU, CCU and separately from the ER, a trauma center. For five of those years I worked at (what was at the time) the largest county jail in the United States, Alameda County Jail-Santa Rita. I got to know hundreds of cop of every stripe, from feds to local county Sheriff deputies. Fabulous people all, but people just the same. Not gods, not superhuman in any way. The difference between they and I is that they went to the police academy and I went to the University. I worked quite often in booking and I saw what goes on back there, not all of it would any cop want to be broadcast. I usually work the night shift so having a sandwich at midnight is kind of normal for me. No pork chops. The night I posted this I had just gotten off the evening shift, again, not so unusual to have a sandwich at midnight. I am 5'10" and weigh 190. Overweight, yes. Out of shape, yes. None of that is illegal. Of course those comments are very clever ways to dodge answering the hard question I posed. My question was posted in a forum which is not this one. However it is that it made it here, so be it. You have taken great pains to insult me and try to belittle me like a bunch of heroes. But you have yet to answer my question, why is a cop's life worth the death penalty and not mine or another veteran, or another nurse, or another human being period? After all, cops are human beings, nothing more. The explanation was given that killing a cop is the final frontier, therefore the bad guys will stop at nothing which means they get the death penalty. In other words my nose itches so I should scratch my eye, right? Cops are not the final frontier. Cops are combatants, just like in war. babies, the elderly, the helpless - that's the final frontier. Cops are not. Not that I disrespect cops nor could I ever imagine harming a cop in a million years. But cops are not sacrosanct, nor are their lives worth more than mine, on any level. I have known MANY bad cops, very bad people, who were still on the job. And I have known some terrific schoolteachers and 7-11 clerks. There is good and bad everywhere. We are all equal. The 14th Amendment guarantees us equal protection under the law. Why should a criminal be more severely punished for killing a cop that for killing me? I shed blood for my country. Twice. I pay my taxes. I support charity. I volunteer to feed the homeless two Saturdays a month and I work with veterans' causes every chance I get. I tutor English to immigrants. I have spent a lifetime working with the Scouts. Who among you has done all of those things? I asked a simple question and although a couple of you did give me a civil response, and I appreciate that, I must respectfully disagree with the notion that the death penalty is any kind of deterrent. Here in California the last execution was about the time of the Great Flood, and that's how it is in most states in this country. Not all, but most. My point is, I believe my life or that of anyone else, is worth just as much as a cop's life and if there is an automatic death penalty for cop-killers it should be the same for all. Cops are only human too.
navymedicusmc July 01, 2013 Report Abuse
I find it funny that ryharmal gets on his soap box about proper and improper conduct whether on or off duty. He goes on to talk about taking badges as if he is so much more impowered than the next officer. This forum is for law enforcement to shop talk outside of the pressures of the public. However in the same token if you speak as illiterate as you type then if I was standing next to you in uniform I would request to move over a few officers. As for the death penalty for killing an officer, it only makes sense. In order to give the impression that society is under control there must be serious consequences for those who strike against the authority that our society requires.
effpain January 20, 2013 Report Abuse
Think about in the lines of if this was your father or grandfather. You would never talk to him like that for having his own opinion.
ryharmal January 17, 2013 Report Abuse
A police officer is suppose to be a man of honor. A man of integrity. This man has a right by the great constitution to speak his opinion. If you guys are police officers you would accept that, not start bashing him on his video. How would your Sarge or father feel if he say you insulting a civilian like this? By the way some of these comments are I would not stand proud next to you in uniform. We are suppose to be respectful to everyone. Police are suppose to be there for people to look up to. When you wake up and put that badge on you are representing professionalism. You would not disrespect a guy about his weight when you were on duty? Why do it off duty? Especially over a computer screen. If you worked for me and I saw these comments about midnight foot long muncher and fat ass pork chop eater, I would pull your badge quicker than you could blink!!! The way you talk on here is a disgrace to the men and women in blue!!
ryharmal January 17, 2013 Report Abuse

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