Dashcam captures officer shooting

Found this dashcam video a while back of a shootout in what appears to be a commercial strip mall. The officer tries to get an armed man to put down his weapon, but the man eventually shoots the officer from behind a car before other cops open fire and take him down. If anyone has more info about this video let us know in the comments or let me know and I'll add it.

Uploaded by ken9cop January 15, 2013
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gah this makes me mad..
texasvice April 13, 2013 Report Abuse
None of us were there, but it's obvious from what the cop said there were people in the store behind the suspect. Firing into the store would be a bad idea. You have to seek cover and wait for a clear shot. You can't just go firing off rounds and hope no innocent bystander gets hit. Look what happened in NY not too long ago. Something like 9 bystanders shot by the police... The video of that was horrendous. Officers firing one handed like they were trained by gangsters.
gycho February 11, 2013 Report Abuse
Someone came to work not prepared to take a life if necessary...and he lost an eye for it. If people in the bakery were too dumb to not hide when they see some dude with a shotgun screaming and freaking out than that is their problem. What if he would have run into the bakery? Then you have a hostage situation and you are now even more fucked. If he didn't want to fire, then other officers should have been positioned in such a way to take this guy down. Looks like they did that, but waited until the bad guy shot to do it. TOO LATE FELLAS!!!!
wtf515 February 07, 2013 Report Abuse
As soon as the weapon started to come out, yell, PUT THE GUN DOWN!!! When he starts to aim, SHOOT. If any one goes home it should ALWAYS be you. God's speed Sir.
tubbyjean January 26, 2013 Report Abuse
PLEASE!!! my fellow Officer's don't ever try to beg a guy to put a gun down, ASK-TELL-MAKE(shoot first) go home to your families. Sometimes playing negotiator is not the right move!!
FastK9 January 26, 2013 Report Abuse

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