San Deigo police chief talks gun control

Chief William Lansdowne talks about his "boots on the ground take" on gun policy and violence.

Uploaded by P1Blue January 16, 2013
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Same ol' spin.
mrcava February 07, 2013 Report Abuse
he should start carrying that 1911 on his LEFT side.......
13u1 February 05, 2013 Report Abuse
If he does a gun buy back, I would expect it to turn into a mini gun show like Seattle's.
kylehove February 02, 2013 Report Abuse
Too bad he supports the anti-gun ban wagon. This won't help his crime stats after he achieves this in his town. Only law abiding citizens will actually be affected by it.
kylehove February 02, 2013 Report Abuse
Typical admin type. Lives in the Ivory Tower of Command Staff so far removed from reality. Its obvious that he's more concerned with political moves than arming his own cops with those very "evil black guns" that he's touting a ban for. Likewise, everyone knows that the east coast and left coast have professional victims in that their own citizenry are disarmed and just sheeple. Too bad, he's rather bitch, moan and groan instead of arming his cops with better firepower. I'm so sick of these administrators and politicians tell we the people how to be Americans. He's been a cop a long time by his own admission. Obviously, he fails to see that Kalifornia's bans and the federal 10 ban didn't do jack crap for criminals and their misbehaving. Hey chief, they are criminals BECAUSE they don't follow the laws to begin with. Do you really think more ill conceived laws will cure this problem? No sir, it will not. History is a harsh teacher and you and those like you are failing to heed the warnings from history.
pr24 January 30, 2013 Report Abuse

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