How to Kill a Cow

As a LEO you may have to put down a large animal. This is example was sick and easy to do. If they are mobile and angry, you may have your work cut out for you. I hope you don't have to do this, but if you do this may help you get it done quickly and with fewer shots fired. Good luck and stay safe.

Uploaded by mark9243 June 06, 2013
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Thanks for posting it. Nice info to have if needed. Wish I had watched this a few years ago, would have saved me some ammo on a multiple cow vs. truck crash.
DJPATTER July 05, 2013 Report Abuse
First: In ref to JungleCogs, you are right in that that this is nothing new to most farmers & ranchers. But it is very new to most police officers, especially urban officers. Also the tape, as you suggested, was made for police as a training vid. All you have to do is read the text at the beginning(@ 00:20 to 00:28 ) to see that. Therefore there is no "pretending". It is not exactly a professional video, I could have made it better I guess, but I did not even think of taping this until I noticed the camera on the seat as I pulled into the lane. Second: As for heart shots on cattle that will weigh from 400 to 2000 pounds, it will work but you'll be chasing a lot of wounded cattle much farther than you think. Been there and done that. A heart shot steer might run a couple hundred yards, that's about two city blocks. This particular animal however could not move so that part was not an issue. If you ever get to a beef packing plant, you'll see the "knocker" hit cattle in the head exactly where I shot this one. This usually works but sometimes even that doesn't quite kill them. After the knock, they are shackled and hung upside down, bled out etc. They can kick for longer than you'd think, much longer. If knocking them in the heart would be better, they would do that. I admit I said in the first part that I prefer to shoot them twice,(@ 01:40) in the head to be sure. But this one flopped over with his head away from me. Besides, when I walked around to the side where I could see his head, there was no movement of any kind. Also, there is no comparison with a cow to a person, other than both might die easily or either might suprise the hell out of you as to how much lead they can take and still keep going. But cattle can do it without drugs. And LAST, dispatch did not call me. The owner called me direct and I put he animal down when I got home. I am not a current LEO, I am retired as it says at the end of the vid.(@ 06:00 to 06:08) thus the red pickup and not a patrol car. My only purpose for making this video was to help cops, especially new cops, deal with this situation if it occurs. And it will happen for some of you. I guess I could have made these points clearer in the video, but I wanted to make it as short as I could. Besides, it ain't about me son, it's about trying to help a FEW of you know more about something you otherwise have not had any training in what so ever. I don't claim to know much about being a city cop. But I do know a thing or two about working in places where the nearest street light is miles away, out of sight and backup can get here in a half hour. Thanks for watching, I hope it does somebody some good.
mark9243 June 17, 2013 Report Abuse
This is really no big deal as most farmers and ranch guys put down their own animals; it’s pretty common. I find it unusual one would call an LEO to do this. I asked a dairy farmer, during my young daughter’s class trip to a farm, what he did when one of his cows couldn’t conceive (necessary to produce milk); he said, “We’ll eat her”. Having said that, years ago I came over a hill on an unlighted country road, only to be confronted by a herd that got loose from the field and were on the road. I hit the brakes but there just wasn’t enough distance to stop. Two died on impact and two had broken legs, but still had to be put down. What I found interesting is how fast the farmer dragged them back to his barn to bleed them out, as they were worth real money as meat. My point is; the ‘cycle of life’ thing is nothing new to a farmer. Thus, I have to believe this video was made simply for the purpose of training LEO’s. I have no problem with that; just say-so up-front as I don’t like ‘pretend’.
JungleCogs June 15, 2013 Report Abuse
To clarify something: I am not an "expert in killing cattle", so I am not refuting what this officer did as "incorrect procedure". I know cattle being slaughtered are killed with a ram-rod injected into their brain, and they were usually shot in the "old days". I am only saying I PREFER a Heart Shot, because in MY EXPERIENCE it kills more quickly and humanely than does a Head Shot. DO NOT TAKE MY EXPERIECE AS "EXPERT OPINION"! But, take my advice and ALSO shoot them in the heart, if you can spare 1 bullet. Thanks!
StephenMWyatt June 14, 2013 Report Abuse
I have had to put down many an animal myself, mostly for hunting, but a few times for feral hogs eating crops, and sick cattle. I have found that the "nerves" this officer says are happening to this cow ARE signs of it "still being alive", because the lungs and heart are STILL MOVING RAPIDLY for up-to a minute after this kill. The lungs may not be able to get air, because the airway is probably destroyed by this shot, but, they certainly appear to be moving in an ATTEMPT to sustain this cow's life. I have found the BEST WAY (in MY opinion) to quickly kill ANY animal is a Heart Shot, because the Heart Shot will immediately keep the animal from circulating blood to ANY part of the body (even the brain), and the Heart exploding from a bullet will immediately cause the body (and brain) to go into shock from lack of oxygenated blood in less than 30 seconds. If you remember your "choke out technique" training, a suspect put into a choke hold usually passes out in about 5-10 seconds, and can die after about 2-3 minutes of the brain not receiving oxygen, but, the point is the suspect is UNCONSCIOUS and DOES NOT FEEL ANYTHING once oxygen and blood are stopped from moving to the brain. A Heart Shot into ANY animal (or human) will stop ALL BLOOD FLOW TO THE BRAIN, causing the animal to pass out and not feel anything within 5-10 seconds of being shot. Plus, because the heard (and usually the lungs) are exploded by a rifle shot to the heart/lung area, THEY DO NOT MOVE, even if so-called "nerves" are causing them to do so. If you want to completely put an animal out of it's misery, then I suggest (because of my own personal experience) that you shoot it IN THE HEART, so blood flow immediately stops moving to the lungs, brain, and rest of the body, and the animal (or human) will almost always stop moving, lose consciousness in less than 10 seconds, and die in under a couple of minutes. I've seen a lot of head shots where so-called "nerves" lasted up-to 5 minutes, so I REFUSE TO BELIEVE AN ANIMAL IS TRULY DEAD, if the heart/lungs and legs are still moving for that long. If you do a head-shot (like this officer suggested), then PLEASE ALSO DO A HEART SHOT to make sure no blood is pumping into what is left of the brain-pan, spinal cord, and nervous system which are "twitching" in an attempt to maintain life. Besides, ask ANY DOCTOR: the best way to kill ANY MAN (and animal) is to stop the heart with Potassium-Chloride, because losing the Heart will instantly cause the brain to ALSO "go to sleep" from lack of oxygenated blood in less than 5-10 seconds. Now, I don't have any "cattle-killing expertise", I'm not from a "cattle-killing state", and I never did this for a living, but I have shot literally a HUNDRED OR MORE deer, hogs, rabbits, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, doves, quail, black birds, and even rattlesnakes, and EVERY ONE OF THEM went still (not breathing, and no so-called "nerves" making their lungs and legs move) after a Heart Shot. The only reason I kill Turkey and Chickens with a head shot (or hatchet in the case of a Chicken) is to save the breast meat. If a bird were 3' around, I would ALSO kill it with a head shot, and people could just deal with a few pieces of lead shot in their dinner out of kindness to the animal. If, however, you CONTINUE to want to do a "brain shot", at least remember what I said, and do a Heart Shot AFTERWARD, to stop any residual brain matter which is sending signals to the body to "get air" from trying to live.
StephenMWyatt June 14, 2013 Report Abuse

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