Officer shot at point blank, shoots back, wins

January 2, 2010. A coroner's jury ruled that Hamilton, Montana Police Officer Ross Jessop was justified in killing a man during a late night traffic stop. It took a six woman jury an hour to rule that Officer Ross justifiably shot and killed Raymond Thane Davis after Davis shot at him. The five hours of testimony included this video recording of the shooting made by the police car dash camera. Davis first tried shooting Officer Jessop in the face from a few inches away. The click of Davis ' revolver's hammer hitting a previously fired round was audible on the tape. Davis then shot again as Officer Jessop retreated and drew his own weapon. They found out later that the click was caused when the hammer fell on a spent case in the revolver. The outcome would have been much different if there had been a live round in the cylinder. Raymond Davis died of his wounds after being hit, then driving into a telephone pole after he sped away.

Uploaded by ken9cop July 11, 2013
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I would be thanking god that gun didn't go off.
WhiteWolf47 July 22, 2013 Report Abuse
Good recovery and I'm glad that that officer survived the incident. Now, the problem is 1) Bad positioning at the suspect's door 2) Flashligt in gun hand. Fortunately the bad guy's gun did not fire properly. Now, with the video, why do we have to even have five hours of testimony. It should be the video and the autopsy report PERIOD.
digger181 July 18, 2013 Report Abuse
Good Job
retcop107 July 18, 2013 Report Abuse
How did it take the jury an hour on this?
sphurt July 16, 2013 Report Abuse
An hour? Yes, definitely too long. What more did they need than the guy sticking a gun in the officers face and then driving off?
HIPCHIP July 15, 2013 Report Abuse

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