Throwback: 1969 'Shooting for Survival'

Training film produced in 1969 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation highlights defensive firearms training for law enforcement agents.

Uploaded by P1Blue October 17, 2013
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The ricochet stuff is very interesting
joshow January 10, 2014 Report Abuse
This was interesting to me. I'm happy to see that training was important way back then. Now we all see much of this as fairly comical, but aparantly these were the techniques used at the time. Remember this was before officers wore vests and it was before the CHP Newhall, shooting took place where four officers were murdered. The video shows officers emptying their empty casings into their hands rather than dumping them on the ground for faster reloading. It also shows techniques that are no longer acceptable or valid in the LE community. If these were the tactics that were used at the time, it's good that officers took it seriously. It's also nice to know that there are so many people who look for better, more updated and tactically sound techniques based on what will keep officers alive and as technology improves, we improve along with it. Keep training and stay safe!
SDImp January 03, 2014 Report Abuse
Yeah,FBI did a bang up job in 1986 in Miami.
TacticalSolution October 18, 2013 Report Abuse
Well, we all know that if the FBI teaches it, it can't be wrong. LOL
johnlaw484 October 18, 2013 Report Abuse

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