Motorcycle thief shot down by police

Shocking footage from Brazil captures the moment two thieves steal a motorcycle only to be shot at by police.

Uploaded by P1Blue October 17, 2013
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This is an excellent example of how fast crimes like this occur. This would be a good training film to show in academies. The good- I only heard two shots, suspect is dropped right away. Effective fire from the officer in a busy area. The not so good- scene control- with other officers on scene (plainclothes, it looks like), the subjects should not be meandering through a scene. Also, WHY IS THE SUSPECT NOT CUFFED??? He is ALWAYS a threat until cuffed and searched. If you aren't going to cuff right away for whatever reason, you cover him and you sure as heck don't turn your back to him. If I get shot and can still move enough to roll around, you bet your a$$ I'm going for my backup (criminals carry BUG's too). Overall very useful video. I'm glad it was captured on film so we can learn from it
Stevejj October 19, 2013 Report Abuse
And people say, "There's never a police officer around when you need one!" I agree with the other posting, this isn't a shocking video it just shows what can happen when an ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECT is shot by a police officer. Seems like a good shooting to me.
lmmccart October 18, 2013 Report Abuse
Not so shocking. This isn't a theft it's an armed robbery. Good job by the officer.
Pritch October 18, 2013 Report Abuse
Not show shocking. This is a robbery not a theft...
Pritch October 18, 2013 Report Abuse

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