Showoff Motorcyclist Wipes Out, Gets Arrested

This biker pops a wheelie and then wipes out on the center island. He gets back up, only to get arrested for his reckless behavior.

Uploaded by ken9cop February 03, 2014
Tags: Arrest  Biker  Motorcycle  Traffic 
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Jajajajajaja busted
kiko34 February 08, 2014 Report Abuse
hey don't look so hot now, oh mommy I wasn't doing nothing and the man he just kept hasseling me for no good reason, should show this to his insurance company, and then see what his rates will be. LOL
pauly14 February 03, 2014 Report Abuse
Should be arrested. No good reason on God's green earth to operate a vehicle like that on a public street. His license should be revoked for a very long time as well.
fatbob February 03, 2014 Report Abuse

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