Teenager fighting cancer becomes cop for a day

16-year-old Aaron Settles is battling Stage 4 cancer. His dream his whole life has been to be a police officer. The Rolla Police Department in Rolla, Mo. stepped in to try to give young Aaron a day that he would never forget.

Uploaded by P1Blue December 06, 2013
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Nice work Rolla.....outstanding. Be proud and know that you made a difference to one young man. Merry Christmas. Good work.
hunter12 December 09, 2013 Report Abuse
What a fantastic dream. The men and women from the Rolla Missouri Police Dpeartment should stand tall because of everything they did to help this young man's wish come true. Job well done Rolla, that is why we are from the Show Me State. Captain Bonsack, Arnold Mo PD
bbonsack December 09, 2013 Report Abuse

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