Toddler tossed out of SUV during pursuit

ABC News examines some wild California police pursuits - one in which a toddler can be seen falling from a vehicle during a pursuit, then wandering the street after amazingly surviving the fall without serious injury.

Uploaded by P1Blue March 03, 2014
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This is typical of the media hype and focus on the chase and not the person who is responsible - the person driving away and not stopping. It should be an automatic felony with an automatic minimum sentence for these idiots that flee. Will it make pursuits go away, a resounding no. Will it reduce the numbers, you bet and this will make the streets safer. When these pukes know there is little or no punishment other than the traffic tickets, they take the risk regardless of the danger to the public. The media want to villify the police and yes, sometimes it does get too dangerous and the police don't disengage. Problem is, just like in this video, the ground officers have stopped pursuing but the air unit video shows the person still fleeing at high speed with no units even in the frame so even if the ground units disengage, this moron keeps flying down the highway putting everyone else on the road in danger. Again, the best deterrent is swift, harsh punishment where the judge has no control because of statutory punishment. That is the only way these dangerous pursuits are going to be reduced but we all know, some will still try it. Another final note, it is always so funny how the media make it sound like the police were just chasing someone who ran a stop sign and didn't stop because they had a suspended license. I wonder how the media types would feel if the cops chose to disengage in a pursuit knowing it was their family member who was just murdered and they were chasing the suspect and ended the chase, letting their family member's murderer go? You can't have it both way folks. Either the cops get to do their job or the criminals get to flee with no retribution.
okdlm March 05, 2014 Report Abuse

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