Awesome cop traffic stop prank

Unsuspecting citizens get pulled over by an officer, and get $100 dollars for being good drivers.

Uploaded by P1Blue April 07, 2014
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The driver in the second stop should have been cited for having an ear plug in his right ear and having a cardboard hanger on the rear view mirror obstructing his vision. Officer nice guy should go to motors and learn the vehicle code.
XHarleyRider May 15, 2014 Report Abuse
Try and explain the valid reason for the stop when they pull someone over with drugs or a gun in the back seat. Or even like lil_country said…. thankfully nothing happened, but if something did happen when you never should have even stopped them? Well intentioned I guess….. but no way I would be involved with that one.
CTcop1 April 13, 2014 Report Abuse
Pretty stupid. He's lucky he didn't get himself killed. He may know he's going to give them $100, but he don't know who he is pulling over. Don't stand with both hands on your knees with your face in the window. A good way to get shot.
lil_country April 09, 2014 Report Abuse
Come to Compton!
Compton5150 April 09, 2014 Report Abuse

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