Ice cream traffic stop

"We got reports that you're driving without ice cream."

Uploaded by P1Blue April 30, 2014
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Shouldn't be pulling people over unless a violation was perceived
Riot May 07, 2014 Report Abuse
Wonderful idea! Great community outreach! No one ever frowned at ice cream!!!
Budgerangel May 06, 2014 Report Abuse
Proof once again that policing efforts can't win without critics...
worf1780 May 06, 2014 Report Abuse
I love the community-friendly effort, but I have to agree with mraab29 - distracted driving is a major cause of serious accidents and death. One of the things we try to teach the kids at an early age is the dangers of distracted driving. I wonder if there's not another way to make this happen that doesn't reinforce behavior we're trying to change? Great effort, though!
epdinv May 05, 2014 Report Abuse
Love the idea but why give something to people that distracts them behind the wheel?
mraab29 May 02, 2014 Report Abuse

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