Ever wonder what happens inside a patrol car?

Rosenberg police show us cops are just like everybody else.

Uploaded by P1Blue June 12, 2014
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mnikle September 16, 2014 Report Abuse
Rick Astley baby...never going to give you up! Semper Fi!
sgt_z_squad June 28, 2014 Report Abuse
Throwing it down! I still kill it in my car in da hood! Gotta roll wit da playas!
sexycop69 June 13, 2014 Report Abuse
I only sing Beiber in my car.....
Johnson25 June 13, 2014 Report Abuse
I hope they don't go up on dept charges. Lol. I used to jam in the zone car. I played music on the overhead loudspeaker. MOVE! GET OUT THE WAY! GET OUT THE WAY!!

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