Poland police forced to shoot man on rampage

A man was attracting attention on a Poland street by attacking vehicles, causing police to open fire, striking the suspect in the knee.

Uploaded by P1Blue July 14, 2014
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Ugh, I assume this was a suicide by cop and the guy got tired of all the missed shots so he ran to find a better shot...
hermanmr July 15, 2014 Report Abuse
Apparently the U.S. training is a little bit better then what these two were taught.
lmmccart July 15, 2014 Report Abuse
Horrible shots... Unless they were aiming for the legs. Would have switched to less lethal. But I wasn't there...
mikejr1 July 14, 2014 Report Abuse
They miss most of the time and finally hit him when his has nothing left to throw and shoot him in the back whilst he is running away? At least they tried to keep a safe distance, a Taser would have been handy but they might have missed with that too?
mickay July 14, 2014 Report Abuse

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