Shootout in a Mall

Shootout in a Mall

Uploaded by Goodcop21 May 04, 2011
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Awesome! Frikkin awesome job Officer!
falconbrother November 14, 2012 Report Abuse
That is what happens when a wolf comes across a sheepdog. Great job Master Patrol Officer Hammond. You are the thin blue line.
crkdk1 August 02, 2012 Report Abuse
First off...great job officer Ken Hammond! This is a very good example of why LEO's should carry off duty as well as carrying extra rounds or magazines. I don't go anywhere without my sidearm and extra mag because of stuff like this happening.
pboehmke2723 May 17, 2009 Report Abuse
Great Job bro...and this my friends is what the Media will not show, and what hollywierd will never make a movie about. How many lives an officer has saved.......?????countless
Zankou July 17, 2008 Report Abuse
What I find amazing is the minimal coverage this story got. Had it been a bad shot, it would have been on the TV for months. But this officers face was seen in Northern Michigan very few times. I will NEVER leave home without a reload again.
kudos July 15, 2008 Report Abuse

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