Road Rage

like junior high only more stupid

Uploaded by co2 May 05, 2011
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Sad part is there was very bad tactics used by officer. Never! Never! turn your back on an unknown person! Never!
ohp540 October 09, 2010 Report Abuse
Best part is that guy getting knocked out after running his mouth.
j4099 September 16, 2010 Report Abuse
That *** with the long hair talking all gangster" and *** just got knocked on his *** I love the way the cop handled that. *** being polite. "
Parker14225 September 15, 2010 Report Abuse
Awesome how the Officer took control of the situation but I wouldn't have got the guy off the ground before handcuffing him and then turning my back on the other guy.
fox0311 August 01, 2010 Report Abuse
Meh...I would be written up for cursing at the two of them. C-Staff would view that as a failure to be curtious" on my part. Glad the punk got what he deserved though"
rmbrunstrom1 July 26, 2010 Report Abuse

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