Gangsta 7 Year Old Steals Car

Gangsta 7 Year Old Steals Car

Uploaded by policeonevids May 06, 2011
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That little bastard should get his ass beat!!!
hrdcorr September 02, 2012 Report Abuse
"Yeah but I wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friends." I think that about sums it up.
obxemt August 26, 2012 Report Abuse
Just another piece of trash that needs to be thrown away.
djnaylor February 04, 2009 Report Abuse
Sounds to me like Grandma needs to whip her daughter's a$$ for the way the kid's momma is raising the child. Momma needs to whip her kid's a$$. CPS needs to stay the hell out of it. WHERE'S THE DADDY IN ALL OF THIS?????????
NoMoreFEMA June 23, 2008 Report Abuse
if i responded to this i would whoop him myself. or at least cuff him and and let him think im takin him to jail.
ofcbranson May 28, 2008 Report Abuse

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