Houston police car flips after suspect rams cruiser

Houston high speed chase results in crash and ends in capture of driver. Officer taken to hospital after car flips. Dramatic video

Uploaded by ltsimon May 08, 2011
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chino1 September 15, 2011 Report Abuse
I have no idea why any agency allows a rolling roadblock. I have never seen a rolling roadblock in my State. Why do I see over and over again video's of cops passing the vehicles they are chasing? Houston, we have a problem. Take this out of your policy. All of you other Admin idiots need to implement P.I.T. Come into the 21st century and save some lives!
Sarg1336 February 21, 2009 Report Abuse
Suspect fleeing and eluding intentionally rams a law enforcement officer off the. The officer is very fortunate to escape without serious injury. Media's concern is to swiftly determine if the officer had violated any type of department policy. Maybe the media and public should be more concerned with the actions of these deadbeat criminals instead of immediately trying to find something wrong with the actions of the officers involved. Lets start actually punishing the bad-guys for driving like this in an attempt to elude officers for whatever their B.S. reason is. Clearly they are the ones who initiate the pursuit and drive like maniacs with disregard for all persons on the road, so why not make them pay the price (mandatory 5, 10 or 15 years) or more for recklessly endangering so many lives on and off the roadway. -Rant off-
tbag396 February 21, 2009 Report Abuse
Works just like it does in NASCAR, bumped in the rear and you spin out
lbrooks136 February 19, 2009 Report Abuse
Here's an example why the rolling road block" is unsafe. They can knock us off the road just as easy as we can them."
hermanmr February 19, 2009 Report Abuse

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