Jihadist Speaks of Terror

In this video, a Radical Islamic Terrorist (with a smug smile on his face) talks about assigning someone to carry anthrax across the Mexico / U.S. border with the intent to kill more than 300,000 of our citizens.

Uploaded by dwyllie May 08, 2011
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From what he’s wearing, we could find where he’s from…then tell his own government that they are responsible for this clone’s actions. Should we bombed this clones’ country, then we could send them our Mother of all bombs (MOAB) in retaliation. But didn’t our current president (2011) attend a muslim school as a youth??? It’s not likely that he’ll do anything about this threat.
rhaney1313 October 31, 2011 Report Abuse
If only it were that easy, I would think we would have used that option years ago... Funny how THIS video never ended up on ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN isn't it? I wonder why...
Just drop one bomb...PROBLEM SOLVED.
djnaylor July 14, 2009 Report Abuse

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