Investigation underway for cop who punched teenager after altercation

Seattle's police department is conducting an internal investigation into a police officer who was recorded on cell phone video punching a woman in the face during an altercation.

Uploaded by Bijanka May 08, 2011
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Looked like a reasonable use of force to me. It appears he was attempting to get them off of his hands.
DCaplinger September 12, 2010 Report Abuse
God bless the NAACP. The woman was resisting arrest. The second woman grabbed the officer. No time EVER should you ever place your hands on an Officer. She deserves what she got. Hopefull the Officer was cleared of it
Deputy_Byler August 27, 2010 Report Abuse
She got what she gave. Good job officer.
jacfallin July 09, 2010 Report Abuse
the female in the pink shirt looks over to the person with the camera, and then jumps in. It looks like she is after a quick check. maybe next time she will think twice, this officer did an outstanding job being there by himself without backup.
willseely June 21, 2010 Report Abuse
Perfectly reasonable and lawful. This officer should've went to his OC. Blind people are easier to grab onto.
rey830 June 19, 2010 Report Abuse

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