Drunk man tries to crush bottle on cop's head

"While an officer questions two women in a parking lot, a sneaky drunk man sneaks up behind him and tries to hit him in the head with a booze bottle."

Uploaded by P1Blue May 08, 2011
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I think a more appropriate Use of Force statement would be " If less force will likely lead to safe control, less force must be used." I don't think you need to exhaust all levels of use of force before deadly force. I think he did a good job.
fbkstrooper September 19, 2011 Report Abuse
easy to tell this cop had great training and has great awarness. he didn't hesitate and proably prevented himself from being knocked out and who noes. great job. hope this drunk *** hole got to sober up in jail.....
sbso233 October 25, 2010 Report Abuse
Deadly force would not authorized in this situation unless the bottle was broken and all other uses of force were used first... I would really like to see all these guys saying they would use deadly force right off trying to keep there jobs after they do... Sounds like a bunch of people that want to be cops but have no clue...
nfddjs October 14, 2010 Report Abuse
dude would have been shot by the third back up command.
Zieber September 26, 2010 Report Abuse
Okay...he already tried to knock the officer out. I think the one warning and still advancing would have justified a shot. Fortunately for the suspect the officer used extraordinary restraint. On the other hand, he went for his gun first and eliminated his option to beat the daylights out of the drunk.
rayder1 September 24, 2010 Report Abuse

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