Ninja assasin vs. Police

"This aggressive man, dressed like a ninja, put up a long fight with the cops. I'm going to get you mother ***ers,"" he yelled after he was finally arrested. ""You can't stop me."""""

Uploaded by P1Blue May 08, 2011
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.40 mm baton round, then walk up and arrest....and why did someone not pounce on him when he went down? And why didn't K-9 get to play? Ninja kick those teeth badguy!! Nice use of less lethal stuff...big jacket and OC paintballs don't work, I'll be sure and write that down for later...or somebody should have Krav'd that guy!
Gixxer311 August 27, 2011 Report Abuse
why not let the k-9 loose. it is funny though.
bigt2145 July 30, 2011 Report Abuse
Good thing someone said it was a pepperball in their comments here. I was trying to figure out why the cop had a paintball gun... :O) Wow, what a thing
ccpd2905 February 13, 2011 Report Abuse
Who's watching the city? Can I get a Taser or yeah a bean bag. And Dispatch, I think we need just one more unit here"."
cschlosser December 12, 2010 Report Abuse
good thing no officers got hurt. where was the baton strikes on the suspect though? could've been more affective than pepperballs.
leatherneck1391 December 06, 2010 Report Abuse

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