Drunk Officer Fires Gun in Cop Car (Official Dashcam)

"(2 of 2) After this drunk officer is placed in a squad car, she begins to cry and curse loudly and then she fires a shot into the car's floorboard. "

Uploaded by justincox May 08, 2011
Tags: Bizarre Beat  Cop  Dallas  Drunk  Female  Texas 
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Thank God she only fired in the floorboard. Her boyfriend could have been dead, trying to protect someone who should not be wearing a badge or carrying a firearm.
amarige55 June 17, 2012 Report Abuse
The full story was that she was totally drunk they offered to take her home, she ran away from one car and was hiding, when they brought her back to the patrol car. It was her boyfriend's patrol car. She thought she was going to jail, he started to patrol, then he called for an off going officer to accompany him to take her home. She freaked out, pulled a unauthorized revolver from her leg and shot the floor. She was later fired, minor discipline to the boyfriend and other officer for not being following procedures.
solrcg April 14, 2011 Report Abuse
Kudos to the officers that showed such good restraint while dealing with her. What an idiot!
Gar570 July 01, 2010 Report Abuse
wow it doesn't take rocket science to know that guns and alcohol don't mix...
jewie27 June 25, 2010 Report Abuse
What are you all talking about, search who, the officer had the gun, not someone in the back seat.
vaccaroja June 25, 2010 Report Abuse

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