Can school cops ask for immigration status?

__NEWLINE____NEWLINE__Some wonder if officers can ask about immigration status in schools. One district is getting prepared before the law takes effect in two and a half weeks.

Uploaded by justincox May 08, 2011
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I certainly think that we should go back and retroactively deport everyone who has come to this country illegally! Anyone's family who came here without the permission of the indegenous population should be deported.
km478939 August 10, 2010 Report Abuse
I really hope TX stepps up..... Thank YOU AZ for having balls....
spigelmyer July 19, 2010 Report Abuse
Maybe the talking heads on the TV should read the bill". I have. The law is clear. If no crime is committed then no one can be asked about their immigration status. It is clearly stated in the law more than 4 times. This is another example of why no officer can count on the talking heads to get the story right. "
thehifidoc July 15, 2010 Report Abuse
Maybe the other states will get over worrying about hurting someone feelings and sen all the illegals back home. We have a big enough deficit, how are we supposed to keep giving others money when we need it home? Protect America.
nelsojm July 15, 2010 Report Abuse
Send'em packing Arizona!
nelsojm July 15, 2010 Report Abuse

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