Chicago debates police entrance exam

"The City of Chicago will hold its first police entrance exam since 2006. There is some debate, however, over just who should be taking the test. "

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Good deal. Some other States should follow.
fawncop October 02, 2010 Report Abuse
I agree with what Anthony Beale is saying. I realize that things take time but something as simple as getting same day results is no problem with today's technology. I also think that there should be no cap on maximum age limit. In Ohio the maximum age is 35 some 32. I can tell you that I would love to be in law enforcement in my state which is Ohio and I cannot because of age restriction. If I can run and out perform younger recruits physically at any age that should be good enough. I have done it at several agility exams. But in my state my time is up because I am 34 there is no way I can get appointed by my 35 birthday. I actually thought about taking this to the Supreme Court claiming age discrimination.
rlcole September 30, 2010 Report Abuse

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