Police Camaro chases a BMW M3

"A stolen vehicle rockets down a freeway in Kansas at more than 150 miles per hour. The daredevil behind the wheel is only 15 years old. Miles ahead, units lay down spike strips..."

Uploaded by justincox May 08, 2011
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Please, all officers need to learn how to stop these dangerous situations before they become deadly. Don't let the bad guy control the pursuit and keep running until he/she decides to stop, putting everone's life in danger. A TVI or PIT manuever would have ended this pursuit almost as soon as it began. Stay safe and keep training.
grizzlybear September 12, 2010 Report Abuse
No More Grand Theft Auto..
Vulcan16R September 06, 2010 Report Abuse
need to be careful about putting things like this out, because it encourages other kids to think they can do even better, endangering more lives including thier own.
SSGDave September 03, 2010 Report Abuse

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