"This is a tribute to Law Enforcement Officers around the country. It highlights the dangers that we face day to day. The song is Bad Company"" by the band Five Finger Death Punch."""

Uploaded by biss2507 May 08, 2011
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Very well done!!
Demetra March 19, 2013 Report Abuse
The last K9 in the video was killed in the line of duty in 2008. His name is Pittsburgh Police K9 Ulf. Ulf was featured on an episode of cops thats where the video comes from. Rest in Peace Ulf.
lurch5115 January 23, 2012 Report Abuse
Nice video, did you get the clips from the web? The guy sitting down in front of the dog with the Sheriff car behind them is my dog. Thanks for including that photo.
5101005 January 03, 2012 Report Abuse
What a terrific video...great production and perfect still photos and video selection...this video will have no problems motivating even the most R.O.D keep this mindset everyone...
HermanC October 03, 2011 Report Abuse
AWESOME video, Best one I have seen and the song fits on what we do, Great job stay safe...
tbowman August 11, 2011 Report Abuse

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