Officer Takes 30 Second Taser Ride for Officer Safety

"What would happen to a Officer if someone shot them with a C2 Taser or disarmed them during a X26 deployment?__NEWLINE____NEWLINE__Deputy Albert Montelongo of Benton County Sheriff's Office (WA)takes the full 30 Second C2 Taser hit and is able to fire 5 rounds!__NEWLINE____NEWLINE__Albert was able to draw and fire 5 times. All hitting a target 5 yds away. He was hit in the back (No Vest) with a 18 inch spread. __NEWLINE____NEWLINE__The C2 Taser was successful in locking his torso/legs and holding him on the ground. Thanks Albert, You The Man"""""

Uploaded by PIGPINS May 08, 2011
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To think my 5 second ride was bad lol
scion101 February 12, 2013 Report Abuse
Hard Corps. You had better brag about that at parties.
niemann February 05, 2013 Report Abuse
Balls. Of. Steel.
kudos September 17, 2011 Report Abuse

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