Bill takes aim at K-9 killers

Two South Jersey lawmakers are working on a law targeting K-9 cop killers after a dog was thrown into traffic last week.

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I was lucky enough to get a law past in IOWA for the protection of public safety dogs. Since 1986 it has been enforced several times and the law works. Some times more for the dogs that there handlers. God Bless you all Greg Becker Council Bluffs Police
jgbecker December 09, 2010 Report Abuse
I agree with this, and I also agree the person should be sentenced to the life expentency of a dog which is 12-15 years, maybe after 5 years they can be subjected to parole. Also the person should no longer be allowed ownership of any animal like in most animal cruelty convictions. The law should not just limited it to law enforcement, it should be for all service type animals like search & rescue, assistance animals wether they be for private organizations or government agencies. Let's face it these dogs are a very important part of our lives and protect the handler with theirs, this is the least we can do for them, with all they do for us.
jamesosorio December 09, 2010 Report Abuse
5 Years???? I say stick them in the booty-hole enlarger for the average life of a dog... What 12-15 years? That sounds much better.
defenseusa1 December 09, 2010 Report Abuse
Is 5 years enough?
Katti December 09, 2010 Report Abuse

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