Traffic stop gets loud and crazy

"This traffic stop took place on July 16, 1992, the day Bill Clinton gave his presidential acceptance speech. What do you think of the officer's laid-back approach as the subject gets progressively crazier?"

Uploaded by P1Blue May 08, 2011
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I agree with inspectorrgadget. If you listen to the beginning very carefully you can tell that they have met before. Like how the officer is giving him the ticket (meaning he already had his license before turning on the video). I've heard that he was fired for this also as he was stirring up drivers then turning on the video to make himself look good.
gcabinet January 18, 2011 Report Abuse
I would have gladly placed him into handcuffs, carted him to the local Hilton with bars" and let him have a NICE day !! And done it with pleasure...tell recruits all the time "treat people the way YOU want to be treated----UNTIL"..and he would have DEFINITELY went past "until"....."
ckimbell January 18, 2011 Report Abuse
In spite of how this video looks the first time around, I was informed this officer was fired because it was shown he would taunt motorist before activating the video. This was according to a Verbal Judo seminar I attended last year. So even though it looks like a great job, it is actually used as an example of what not to do.
inspectorrgadget January 17, 2011 Report Abuse

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