Woman hit with TASER by deputy

A woman steals her mothers car which then becomes a brief chase for a Deputy. The woman would not get on the ground as instructed.

Uploaded by MadisonVoice May 08, 2011
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Those are some pretty loose rules using that taser. Anyone actually at the scene as to describe what led to this and what was she doing to get tased?
sdflipper December 05, 2013 Report Abuse
If you could sir, please just let me go!! Right. yes that is what we do....
Good Shooting there Chops. She needed that hahaha and she thought she was going home
The_Sarge63 March 08, 2011 Report Abuse
That's one tuff lady", for lack of a better term.....I've seen officers fall and scream after being hit with a taser......Thank god she didnt have a weapon....She should of never been let back into the vehicle....."
bnbvan March 07, 2011 Report Abuse
At 00:37, after the first Taser cycle was unaffective (clothing disconnect likely) and she reached into the vehicle, I was hoping she wasn't coming out with a weapon.
tgis81 March 06, 2011 Report Abuse

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