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Woman Pulled Over Tries to Seduce Cop
by DutyBlue2007
Search on for Cop's Wife
by Goodcop21
"A Texas couple, who were pulled over for speeding while rushing their choking dog to an emergency vet clinic, said their pet died after officers held them for 15 minutes. The incident was caught-on-tape. (Aug. 18) __NEWLINE____NEWLINE__"
by Eve1986
" Cops pull over a SUV being driven erratically, and find a five year old at the wheel. "
by Eve1986
A police officer says he was harassed and humiliated by co-workers after his wife posed nude for Playboy.
by ltsimon
Betsy Brantner-Smith - Dealing with Pregnancy in a Law Enforcement Setting
by P1Blue
A high-speed pursuit reaching 100 mph ended with cops pulling the suspect through her window.
by commcop
This man obviously only had one objective in mind, to kill his ex-wife. Even a rain of bullets from the two brave cops didn't change his mind.
by carlitoso2

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