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Drunk driver performing a variety of field sobriety tests.
by deputy-mike
Uncooperative subject with a knife is taken into custody using a police cruiser as a less than lethal weapon.
by fieldmouse
Subject suspected of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol has a strange request.
by fieldmouse
Dodge Charger doing Donuts
by Goodcop21
"A few out takes from the making of the DUI Public Service Announcement. The subject is serious and Ofc. Fran Schmitz is serious about getting drunks off the road, but he can be pretty entertaining in his own rights. __NEWLINE____NEWLINE__"
by WoodburyPS
"Officer Fran Schmitz strives to make the roadways in Woodbury (MN) safer by getting impaired drivers off the road. The videos point is to show that sometimes as Police officers, drunks find us. This video is dedicated to Dakota County Deputy Luther Klug who was killed by a drunk driver while on duty. __NEWLINE____NEWLINE__http://www.co.dakota.mn.us/Departments/Sheriff/Memoriam/DeputyLutherKlug.htm"
by WoodburyPS
Sobriety Check Point
by policeonevids
Macarena Police Sobriety Test
by Goodcop21

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