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Some folks get all the breaks
by MPerez
In this week's PoliceOne video training tip Dr. Leon M. Breure goes over what kind of off-duty equipment you should carry.
by P1Blue
Sometimes impressing your friends isn't the best idea...
Retired police officer cook-off and weapons qualifications at the Sugar Creek Police firing range
by ltsimon
"One of Santa Fe's most dangerous criminals escapes from a moving cop car, and it's all caught on tape. "
by justincox
"Every year we suffer the tragic loss of outstanding officers who, while responding to an incident off duty, are shot and killed by the arriving uniforms. Betsy Brantner Smith officers an excellent set of reminders to communicate and cooperate with uniformed officers when you are responding to an off-duty incident. Visit PoliceOne to read articles and tips from Betsy Brantner Smith."""
by dwyllie
Police in Utah have released video of a suspect who jumped from a moving cruiser while being driven to the jail.
by P1Blue
"The Times's Al Baker discusses the fatal shooting of Officer Omar J. Edwards, an off-duty New York police officer, by a fellow officer who mistook him for a criminal."
by ltsimon

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