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Sometimes impressing your friends isn't the best idea...
Retired police officer cook-off and weapons qualifications at the Sugar Creek Police firing range
by ltsimon
"One of Santa Fe's most dangerous criminals escapes from a moving cop car, and it's all caught on tape. "
by justincox
Police in Utah have released video of a suspect who jumped from a moving cruiser while being driven to the jail.
by P1Blue
"The Times's Al Baker discusses the fatal shooting of Officer Omar J. Edwards, an off-duty New York police officer, by a fellow officer who mistook him for a criminal."
by ltsimon
"Police officer turns off camera, possibly beats woman"
by ltsimon
China shows off latest police tech kit, for policing, crowd control and suppression.
by ltsimon
"Shooting the Texas Star for the first time using a Glock 20 10mm. We started with it moving. Not all the shots you hear are mine, we were shooting a plate rack right beside this. Great moving target training."
by allenmuma

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