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P1 Tactical Tip: Reality Based Training - Training to Failure
by ltsimon
Woman says cops forced her 72-year-old husband to run home in the snow to get the ID for her
by P1Blue
"Toy police felony (high risk) traffic stops training video created on 11/1/0/08 by Dr. Richard Weinblatt, manager of criminal justice for Seminole Community College (in Sanford, FL)and a former police chief, and his son, Michael. For more information"
by rpdrpd
"In this tactical training tip, police trainer Brian Hoffner from Hoffners Training Academy gives some tips and tricks for using your knife as a defense during an attack from behind. Using a knife can help officers recover a defensive position if a suspect goes for a gun grab."""
by ltsimon
Traffic stops are one of law enforcement's most common and most deadly activities. PoliceOneTv's Dave Smith discusses some steps you can take to help control the risks you face during a traffic stop.
by ltsimon
Traffic stop safety is everyone's responsibility. There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. During traffic stops an officer can come across drivers that are uninsured, drivers with suspended/revoked licenses, drivers impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, occupants in possession of illegal firearms and drugs, and individuals with arrest warrants. These are just a few of the reasons why officers are trained to place a great deal of emphasis on their safety and take a defensive posture at a stop until the risk of confrontation or injury is diminished. This video has some simple things we can all do to make traffic stops safe for everyone and get you back on the road quickly!
by ltsimon
A traffic stop on a Georgia interstate involves lethal force; an outstanding example of the hazards of any traffic stop and use of backup. In this case, backup was a critical issue. Proper backup procedures are also addressed separately in this program. More information about the In The Line of Duty training video series and e-learning at our web site,, or call 1-800-462-5232. Be safe.
by ltsimon
Advice on motors traffic stops.
by shadowman777

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