Miami Police - Fatal Police Pursuit - Wreck on Dash-Cam

Miami Township police released dash cam video capturing the events leading up to a fatal crash on SR 741 Monday night in Moraine. The police chief maintains the officer was not in pursuit of the suspect's vehicle, however said he will make a confirmed statement once an internal investigation is complete. Investigators said the officer, a 3-year veteran of the department, witnessed the suspects, identified as 23-year-old Phillip Lane and 24-year-old Erik Sanford, engage in a drug transaction in a parking lot of the Dayton Mall. Mall security aided the officer in locating the vehicle near Mall Woods Drive. The dash cam video shows the officer attempting to catch up with the suspect's vehicle, headed north on 741, at a high rate of speed. Shortly after, the officer arrives to an already crashed vehicle near Cobblegate Drive in Moraine. Investigators with the Moraine police department said Lane crashed head-on with a driver traveling south on SR 741. Both she and a third pe

Uploaded by CopChases May 13, 2013

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