Golden Rule of Character - Part 1

Years ago, I had the opportunity to train the entire Cincinnati Police Division in Police Dynamics. That's a 1200-man force and I trained about 50 officers at a time. Do the math. That was a LOT of training days! But I remember one Cincinnati officer who summed it up this way. He said, "All this character stuff, it's just about the Golden Rule." You know, he was absolutely right. That's the power of Jesus' teaching. The Golden Rule is the summation of good character. Because character is all about treating other people the way you would like to be treated. So if you want others to be truthful with you, you should be truthful with them. If you want them to be dependable to you, be dependable to them. Respectful? Show respect. Obedient? Be obedient. Punctual? Be punctual, etc, etc... Over 100 leadership training videos are live at Sheriff Ray Nash from the beautiful Dreams Puerta Aventuras Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Uploaded by sheriffray June 08, 2012

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