Police Deputy and Young Boy Dance Battle

Jason decided to challenge Deputy C. Williams to a dance off. Cop 'n' lock! Police officer goes viral after young boy challenges him to adorable dance-off North Carolina Deputy Cody Williams was challenged by a boy called Jason The pair were filmed by Williams's captain, Eddie Moore, dancing in a parking lot Williams does well, but gives up, laughing, as Jason outmaneuvers him Moore said he hoped to show a lighter, friendly side to police officers. This is the adorable moment that a North Carolina sheriff's deputy got into an impromptu dance-off with a young boy. Deputy Cody Williams was in Raleigh waiting for his vehicle to get fixed when young Jason started chatting to them, Captain Eddie Moore of the Nash County Sheriff's Office told ABC.'They got onto the topic of dance, and Jason told Deputy Williams, "I bet I could dance better than you," and the two just went at it!' he said.

Uploaded by AinsleyMcGainsley February 18, 2017

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