This is a short demo of a product every traffic and street cop will want. It's sole function is to video into any vehicle that has really black tinted windows and display on a small monitor the inside of vehicles rear compartment. Plus, it can video through the vehicle and out the other side. It starts recording within 4 seconds of turning it on. Notice at the start of the video how reflective the target windows are, however, in seconds you can see everything inside and out through the other side as well. So, if someone gets out the other side back door, it will be recorded and you will see them get out. How many times have you not been able to see, let alone video, into the back of a vehicle with windows as dark as the ones in the short video? now you can do it with ease. The video shows the basic systems' capabilities, we have another system that has a zoom lens that allows the user to be 20 feet away. for mor

Uploaded by deltasierra70 June 16, 2014

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