"Woodbury Public Safety Beautiful World"""""

"This video is a great tribute for those that serve in Public Safety, produced by members of the Woodbury Public Safety department in Minnesota, the video recognizes the real world that Police, Fire, and EMS have to work in but also the need to have a positive outlook on things. The sound track Beautiful World"" was performed (Lyrics and instruments) by the Public Safety Director (Police Chief) Lee Vague and his 11 year old son Grant. The video was created by FF/Paramedic Jason Arney-O'Neil and Paramedic, John Dillon. The video was played to a crowd of 500 plus and received a standing ovation at the annual Public Safety Board Dinner. Visit <a href=""http://www.woodburypublicsafetyboard.org"" target=""_blank""></a> to find out more. """

Uploaded by WoodburyPS May 08, 2011

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